What is EZVideo?

EZVideo is a live tv platform that gives you all the same programming as a standard cable package, but runs on all your favorite devices such as smartphones, tablets, streaming media boxes, etc. EZVideo has an updated, fast, easy-to-use interface, with new features such as , , recommended shows, movies, and much more!

How do I get EZVideo service?

Contact us at 503.792.5733 and we'll get you started. EZVideo requires a high-speed Internet connection with DataVision Communications and runs on any of the Supported Devices.

How do I get the EZVideo app?

On a "Smart Box" or mobile device, you can download the app from the respective App Store of your compatible device.

Click below to view specific tutorials for the specific platforms:

What is my username and password?

Your username is the email address you gave us when you signed up for service. The password is something you chose when you first signed up for EZVideo service. If you don't know your username and/or password please contact Customer Services.

How do I get to the Guide?

Once you're signed into the EZVideo app, hit the "down" button on your remote. Then select "Guide" from the menu using the middle "okay" button on your remote. Click here for more information on using the Main Menu.

How do I "channel surf" or quickly change channels?

While watching Live TV, On Android TV or Amazon Fire TV: press the down button to go down a channel, and press the up button to up a channel.
On Apple TV: swipe left to go up a channel, and swipe right to go down a channel.

How do I record a series?

While watching Live TV, press the main "OK" button to view some options. Select "Record" from the list of buttons below. This will bring up some options to record this episode only, or all for this show.

Click here for more information on using your DVR and managing recordings.

What is the "Are you still watching?" message?

After 4 hours of inactivity (no channel changes, no button presses) the EZVideo app will display a message asking "Are you still watching?". If you don't respond, the EZVideo app will stop streaming and go to the device home screen, allowing the device to power down or go to sleep. Similar to your PC conserving power by using a screensaver or going to sleep, this feature prevents wasting Internet bandwidth if there is no one watching. For example, if you were to turn your television off, the streaming device will still maintain a connection and consume bandwidth.